World Youngest Corona-Virus Survival

World Youngest Corona-Virus Survival

Despite the deadly covid-19, a 5 days old baby known as Mu’en in China has survived it.

Mu’en who happened he be China youngest coronavirus patient was just 5 days old when he was diagnosed with the disease has recovered fully from the disease.

The newborn baby, who didn’t even have any known name before the infection, was named mu’en by media.

He was discharged from the Children’s Hospital of Henan Province with him, and a 7-year-old child was discharged.

Currently, he holds the record of the youngest person to have been infected by the deadly coronavirus. The former record-holder was a 17-day-old baby who recovered without medication.

The hospital had to assemble a special team to personalise treatment plans for the newborn, considering his age

Eventually, his condition began to improve after nearly a month of round-the-clock care and anti-virus treatment.

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