First Work-Day Prayer Session at Lagos State Primary Health Care Board

First Work-Day Prayer Session at Lagos State Primary Health Care Board

Y2022 first working day was observed with a prayer session by the staff of Lagos State Primary Health Care Board.

The prayer session was led by the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Ibrahim Akinwunmi Mustafa and other Management Staff.

The Permanent Secretary welcomed the entire staff from New Year break, he expressed his sincere appreciation for the support and tireless efforts the staff displayed in tackling the spread of Covid-19 virus by vaccinating the Lagosian and promoting the good image of Lagos State Government.

He reiterated that the fight against Covid-19 is still on, and we should do everything possible to curb the spread of the virus while observing the necessary IPC Protocols.

The Permanent Secretary implored the Heads of Directorates and Units to encourage their staff to put in more efforts while delivering their tasks and be more accommodating to their clients (patients) in their best capacities in all Primary Health Care Centers in the State so that more clients will patronize Primary Health Care facilities this year.

He further added that the Management of Lagos State Primary Health Care Board would in Y2022 reward any distinguished staff while he will frown at those that fall shorts of their expectations.

At this juncture he informed the staff that his office is opened and ready to listen to any staff that come with suggestions, observations, advice etc., on how the Primary Health Care System in Lagos State can be moved to the next level.