About PHCB

The Lagos State Primary Health Care Board (PHCB) was established by the Lagos State Health Sector Reform Law (2006) and is tasked with the overall responsibility of primary health care management in the State. The Board acts as a strategic link between the State and LGA in matters relating to primary health service improvement and delivery. As an agency of the health sector under the supervision of the State Ministry of Health, it develops strategic objectives/activities and provides oversight functions on the Local Government Health Authority (LGHA), Ward Health Committee (WHC), concerning the activities of the Primary Health Care facilities. The Lagos State health reform act (2006) provided for the establishment of ten directorates within the PHCB.


As espoused in the Lagos State Health reform law of 2006, the collective efforts of the Directorates and Units should lead to revitalisation and repositioning of Primary Health Care while resolving observed challenges. The law prescribes the following specific functions, among others, for the Board:

  1. Coordination of the planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation of all the Primary Health Care (PHC) services that affect the residents of the State and other matters 
  2. Advise the Commissioner and the leadership of the local government area on any matter regarding PHC services in the State; 
  3. Pay salaries and allowances to PHC staff in the State; 
  4. Disburse funds provided to it from both the NPHCDA and other sources; 
  5. Recruit, promote PHC employees on Grade Level07 and above; 
  6. Improve/establish policies in respect of PHC implementation matters; 
  7. Handle pension matters for all PHC employees; 
  8. Monitor activities of local government health authority on appointments, discipline and promotion of employees on Grade Level 01 to 06 to ensure that the guidelines are strictly and uniformly adhered to; 
  9. Serve as the appellate body for all dismissal/retirement petitions from aggrieved PHC employees on Grade Level 01 to 06; 
  10. Maintain up-to-date personnel records of all PHC employees; 
  11. Maintain a comprehensive database of all grades of PHC employees; 
  12. Coordinate inter-state, inter-service and inter-facility transfers of PHC employees; 
  13. Compile for Gazette publication of establishment matters, staff movements, including new appointment, promotions and retirement/dismissals; 
  14. Oversee PHC joint staff welfare matters including housing and transport; 
  15. Ensure human resources planning development and training in the PHC services; 
  16. Exercise direct responsibility for training and staff development of PHC employees on Grade Level 07 and above; and 
  17. Approve promotions for PHC employees on Grade Level 01 to 06 as recommended by each Local Government Health Authority (LGHA).