Finance & Account

The Accounts Directorate of the Primary Health Care Board, in line with its traditional accounting responsibilities, is responsible for the following:

  1. Custody and safe-keep of statutory books of accounts and cash
  2. Preparation and payment of Staff Salaries;
  3. Verification of HR/nominal Roll against Pay 04 on monthly basis with the sign-off of the Director, Administration & Human Resource;
  4. Variations of salaries as approved by the Permanent Secretary; 
  5. Prompt payment of Staff Salary through e-payment platform of STO
  6. Processing of all payment approvals;
  7. Disbursement and accounting for all money released to the Office
  8. Rendering reports on the expenditure incurred by the Office
  9. Rendering reports on revenue collected and those paid to the Banks
  10. Posting of all financial transactions of the Board into the financial statements of the State government, using oracle financial modules