Administration and Human Resource

The Directorate of Administration and Human Resource is headed by Mrs. Funmi Blaize,  Director, GL. 17.

Directorate Responsibilities/Functions:

  1. Coordination and implementation of personnel policies for the PHCB
  2. Capacity development (training) of members of Staff of the Office
  3. Maintenance of office building, equipment, furniture and other properties
  4. Handling Staff promotion, conversion, discipline, exit and welfare
  5. Compilation of leave roster and ensuring its implementation
  6. Assisting the Accounting Officer in executing the ministerial assignments of the Office
  7. Advising Heads of Directorates and other Officers on Personnel Matters
  8. Member of Procurement Committee
  9. Management of Secret and Open Registries of the Office
  10. Maintenance and servicing of the official vehicles of the PHCB
  11. Monitoring and providing necessary support for the implementation of the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)
  12. Provision/maintenance of Staff uniforms