Environmental Health Services


The Directorate of Environmental Health Services is responsible for the following:

  • Monitoring of Environmental Health activities in the 57 LGs/LCDA
  • Training and re-training of Heads of Department of Environmental Services in the LGAs/LCDAs;
  • Treatment of environmental-related complaints;
  • Formulation of policies on related environmental issues;
  • Regulation of activities of Environmental; Health Officers in all the 57 LGAs/LCDAs

The highlighted responsibilities/mandates are carried out under the following units

1. FOOD Control Unit:

  • Inspection of premises where food and water intended for public consumption is prepared, processed, stored and served.
  • Regulating and annual licensing of food premises for operation, ensuring the upkeep of the highest degree of food regulated premises standard requirement to prevent food contamination and pollution.

2. Environmental Sanitation & Monitoring Unit:

  • Routine house to house inspection.
  • Inspection of industrial & commercial premises for detection of nuisances and its abatements
  • Services of abatement notices on nuisances detected.
  • Cemetery sanitation.
  • Market sanitation and regulation.
  • School sanitation/hygiene

3. Waste Management Unit:

  • Refuse management.
  • Desilting of drainage channels.
  • Control of refuse black spots.
  • Removal of an unidentified corpse.
  • Supervision of the PSP activities in refuse evacuation & disposal

4. Prosecution Unit:

  • Enforcement of public health laws/Environmental sanitation laws of Lagos state
  • Prosecution of the public health law & Environmental health law offenders

5. Pest Control Unit:

  • Control of pest is medically importance at the Local Government, all PHC centres’, residential, commercial & industrial premises, all regulated and non-regulated food premises.
  • Certification & licensing of private sector pest managers within the LGs/LCDAs

6. Parks & Gardens:

  • Management & maintenance all parks & gardens.
  • Creation of parks & gardens within the State
  • Global warming & climate change control through afforestation & conservation, e.g. tree planting

7. Disease Control & Epidemiology:

  • Disease outbreak investigation & control.
  • Disease Surveillance & notification

8. Environmental assessment:

  • EIA (Environmental Impact Assistant)
  • SIA (Social Impact Assessment)
  • HIA (Health Impact Assessment)

9. Health Promotion & Education:

  • Water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH programme)