• The Unit is set up to act as Legal Adviser to the Primary Healthcare Board (PHCB) by providing informed understanding of its responsibilities within the Law.
  • The Unit is to proffer well researched, objective, and professional Legal Advice on diverse and wide range of issues that may arise from the activities of the Board to achieve excellence in service delivery.
  • To ensure speedy and efficient treatment of all Legal related issues to a logical conclusion.
  • Ensuring that PHCB operates within the framework of the State and Federal Laws. 
  • Treating all matters that may have any legal implication including but not limited to litigation, contracts, statutory notices, compliance issues, and other matters that seek to commit or relieve the State of obligations, liabilities, rights, and or assets.  
  • Ensuring that reasonable steps are taken to consult relevant laws and regulations before actions are taken in PHCB.
  • Keeping record of all legal documents and other documents relating to matters of legal issues.
  • Attending all contract negotiation meetings.   
  • Responding expeditiously and appropriately to legal queries relating to activities of PHCB
  • Taking responsibility for proper execution of all contract agreements and ensuring that the executed copies are duly stamped and archived.