Medical Services and Disease Control


The Directorate of Medical Services and Disease Control (DMS&DC) is one of the directorates stipulated in the health sector reform law with the responsibility of:

  1. Overseeing medical services offered at the Primary Health Care (PHC) centres as well as the quality of service delivered      
  2. Review of service delivery protocols
  3. Provide oversight on disease control and surveillance at the primary health care level
  4. Develop and implement standards of care for service delivery improvements
  5. Oversee recommendations for medical staff deployment, training and appraisal
  6. Collaboration with State Ministry of Health (SMoH), LGA and implementing partners on program implementation
  7. Capacity building of health care workers and supportive supervision to ensure effective accessible and qualitative PHC service.


  1. Coordinates the management and implementation of immunisation services and activities in the State
  2. Responsible for the Primary Health Care System strengthening of facility-based and community-based MCH Nutrition related activities. 
  3. Implementation of the SOML P4R activities to strengthen the Primary Health Care System.
  4. Coordinate and strengthen first responder intervention strategies and improve disease notification procedures at the Primary Health Care Level.
  5. Facilitate, initiate and strengthen emergency response and referral services at the Primary Health Level. Also, improve collaboration on the linkage system with the secondary level of care.
  6. Review and approve research programs centres on the PHC system that will provide evidence-based reports on services analysis and improvement strategies.
  7. Increase awareness access and utilisation of RH and FP commodities and services through PHC facilities and programs.
  8. Create awareness on DSVRT and provide medical assistance as required for survivors working in collaboration with relevant stakeholders to develop a robust case management system.
  9. Promote healthy adolescent health behaviour for informed decision making and across to friendly focused youth health services
  10. Management and oversight on all Laboratory activities personnel and service deliverables in the PHC centres
  11. Improve institutionalise and strengthen Quality of care/facility assessment improvement and at the Primary Health Care level.
  12. Institutionalise the Service Charter Initiative at the Primary Health Care level for improved client satisfaction with the provision of health services
  13. Supervision of programs coordinated by the Medical Officers of Health at the LG/LCDA Level
  14. Collation of report of monthly activities on PHC activities and management
  15. Coordinate monthly meetings of the Medical Officers of Health
  16. Institute investigation of complaints and enquiries from the community level on PHC services and facilities