Planning Research and Statistics

The main objective of the Directorate of planning research and statistics is to ensure the availability of quality data at the PHC level that can be used for planning and decision making.

The Directorate has two key Units in its functionality; Monitoring and Evaluation Unit and Medical Records Unit. Increased inter-directorate collaboration in the program monitoring and reporting will also be prioritised. Proper planning of health programs is essential to deriving maximum impact on the level of resources provided. The coordination of planning functions that focus on appropriate project management will ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of project/program outcomes. 


Efforts will be directed at delivering the following during the period of the plan:

  • Improved standardisation of the quality of care and service delivery in the PHC system
  • Enhanced coordination of program planning, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Improved availability of health information for health planning and decision making at the PHC level
  • Coordinated research activities that will enhance health service delivery outcomes
  • Coordination of PHC performance report. 


  • Increase in the number of officers trained in effective data management 
  • Improvement in the review and approval of key research projects geared towards PHC service improvement. 
  • Improved coordination of supervisory visits to health facilities 
  • Increase in the quality of information/report writing. 
  • Coordination of the annual operational plan process for the PHC system