Public Affairs

  1. The Unit performed the under listed general functions:
  2. Gathering and disseminating information about the Board’s services; preparation, editing and directing the production and distribution of informational materials
  3. Developing concepts for informational and promotional programmes; preparing program materials such as speeches and brochures; developing and overseeing the production of press kits, and arranging for print and electronic media coverage for special events
  4. Advising officials regarding public relations programmes and the response to media questions; preparing official announcements; arranging press conferences and radio and television interviews for key officials
  5. Establishing and maintaining liaison with representatives of news media and developing programmes and strategies to enhance the public’s perception of PHCB services
  6. Preparing interesting and informative news releases, articles, speeches, bulletins, citations, ceremonial documents and other informational materials for media agencies
  7. Preparing and producing advertisement materials of the Office for newspaper, radio and television
  8. Planning, developing and implementing Office’s public information and public relations programmes; formulating strategies to publicize the Office’s activities, programmes and special events
  9. Handling media relations, publications, film/video productions, special events and presentations
  10. Arrange Media appearances for the Accounting Officer and senior management staff of PHCB
  11. Event Management and Strategic Information Management